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Nothing finishes off a hardwood floor quite like brand new baseboards. We have many many more to choose from - just ask - these are just our most popular in Vancouver. 

Baseboards do not just serve decorational purposes, they hide the raw exposed cut edge of all types of hardwod flooring. The installation of baseboards is quite dusty, this is why we cut them out-side whenever possible. 

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These are hardwood flooring transitions - we use these on every single flooring job. The first picture illustrates a stair nosing, as implied they are necessary when installing hardwood over steps. The second illustration is of a hardwood floor reducer molding. Reducers are required when hardwood floors meet other flooring at a lowered height. The third picture is of a hardwood flooring t-cup molding. T-cup moldings are required when hardwood flooring meet other floors at equal heights.  

Flooring underlay-flooring-vancouver-bc-cmo-floors

The blue rolls illustrated to the left are packages of flooring underlay - necessary with all types of floating floors. Underlay is very important. Underlay enables for a smooth feeling when walking on your flooring, and also dampens the sound. If you live in a strata, specially in a Vancouver high rise condo, be sure that your underlay is certified and officially rated for sound. 

Flooring Glue-flooring-vancouver-bc-cmo-floors

Beside is our flexible silicone based tongue and groove wood flooring glue. We use this glue for everything and on every job. Please note, it is very important to use silicone based glue when installing glue together hardwood flooring, because regular glue in flooring joints will crack as floating floors are susceptible to constant motion. 

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