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LAMINATE FLOORING  IN BURNABY IS THE FASTEST GROWING FLOORING TREND for great reasons. Laminate floors apart from very closely resembling real hardwood flooring - offer superior durability. Laminate floors also have much lower price points compared  to real wood, stone or ceramics. Laminate floors are installed exclusively using the click floating method... We hope you Enjoy our outstanding laminate floor collection.

Licensed Professional Laminate Flooring Store near Vancouver, specializing in Laminate flooring and Laminate flooring installation.  We sell and install Canadian, European, and Chinese Laminate Flooring and all the corresponding collections.  We cater to Burnaby, we can help you with the purchase, installation, repair, and leveling in preparation for your Laminate flooring in Burnaby. We have seventeen years of experience. Leave it in our expert's hands - CMO FLOORING ® is #1 in Burnaby.

Please note that as a leading laminate flooring store, we offer an extensive laminate flooring range that could never fit in our showroom. Our online laminate flooring store will contain our complete inventory and all the colors from light laminate to dark laminate and waterproof laminate to repairs and installation.  We always have a laminate flooring sale as well as whole sale laminate flooring for builders so rest assured we are the best laminate floors store in Burnaby.

For those of you that are not ready to buy laminate flooring and are still doing your research, please check our flooring guides that can offer insight into everything from frequently asked questions to pros and cons about laminate, vinyl, and engineered flooring.

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