Coswick collection of wide plank flooring was inspired by simple forms and authentic styles that defined the European Arts and Crafts Design movement at the turn of the XXth century.

All floors in Arts and Crafts collection come with factory-applied Hardwax Oil finish, an innovative combination of environmentally-friendly eco-waxes and oils that protect the flooring surface from ill effects of dirt and moisture, while preserving and even emphasizing natural wood texture.

Distinguishing feature of Arts and Crafts collection is the large size of individual flooring planks. Each plank is 7 1/2″ (190mm) wide, and has a fixed length of 7′ (2100mm). Use of 3-layer engineered CosLoc technology ensures supreme dimensional stability of the floors in a wide range of climates and interiors.

Coswick Engineered Hardwood Flooring in their Arts and Crafts Collection
4866 Rupert Street
Vancouver, British Columbia V5R 5A5