Classic Ash Flooring Collection is distinguished by its clarity, consistent color and strikingly beautiful prominent grain. Ash flooring is available in two finishes: lacquer CosNanoTech+ for Natural, Avalanche and Wenge colors, and Silk UV-Oil finish for Avalanche, Vintage, Mocca, Cloudy, Coffee Beans and Moonlight colors.

CosNanoTech+ finishing technology provides exceptional protection for your hardwood floors. CosNanoTech+ finish is built from 12 coats of top quality sealers and compounds with aluminum oxide added for extra durability. Crosslinked nano particles are used to increase finish elasticity and maintain high wear resistance. Hardwood floors with CosNanoTech+ finish have a 25-year finish warranty.

Innovative Silk Oil protective finish consists of 4 coats of deep penetrating oil. Silk Oil penetrates the wood and crystallizes in its fibers, resulting in beautiful open grains. While traditional high-gloss polyurethane finishes produce cool and smooth surfaces, oiled floors have a warm and natural feel, and are a pleasure to walk on barefoot.
Coswick Engineered Hardwood Flooring in their Classic Ash Collection
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