Coswick Engineering Hardwood Flooring - Heritage Oak Collection
Tradition is what binds the past, present and future. It transcends the ordinary, giving us a sense of continuity and belonging, shaping our world view through storytelling, mythology, art, and family relics that are passed down through generations. Tradition – our heritage – is a belief in one’s past and one’s future.

Together, tradition, heritage and modernity hold us up, allowing to exist fully and totally.

The desire to weave together tradition and innovation inspired the creation of Coswick Heritage Collection. Produced by using bi-color technology, the four designer floors that make up the new line bring out the inherent beauty of natural oak. Available as solid and 3-layer CosLoc 5G floating engineered flooring, Heritage Collection will be a beautiful, elegant addition to any type of interior.
Coswick Engineered Hardwood Flooring in their Heritage Oak Collection
4866 Rupert Street
Vancouver, British Columbia V5R 5A5