Renaissance Collection is a modern take on a classic flooring style. This collection features flooring from  white oak and American walnut, and is available in six designer styles. Renaissance flooring planks have a fixed length, which allows them to be installed in a wide range of patterns and create any desired effect. Use perimeter borders to emphasize certain areas of the room, or alternate planks of different colors in order to liven up the interior. Lay hardwood flooring in square modules for checkerboard effect, or use herringbone designs to recall the traditional look of luxurious homes of Old Europe. Manufactured as 2-layer engineered hardwood, flooring from Renaissance collection is of superb dimensional stability, which is why it can be safely installed into any geometric pattern.

Renaissance flooring in available in two Coswick surface finishes: semigloss lacquer CosNanoTech+ (for Rose, White Frost and American Walnut) and Silk UV-Oil (for Antique White, Grey Cashmere, Terracotta and Chambord).
Coswick Engineered Hardwood Flooring in their Renaissance Collection
4866 Rupert Street
Vancouver, British Columbia V5R 5A5