Designer color palette, authentic white oak and ash, unmatched durability and dimensional stability are the distinguishing characteristics of Coswick Thermo collection of hardwood floors.

The term “thermowood” is used to describe wood that, through the process of thermal modification, changes its physical properties without use of chemicals, and is thus ecologically safe. Hardwood flooring manufactured from thermo-modified wood is characterized by homogeneity of color tone throughout the lamella, superb stability of geometric dimensions, high resistance to seasonal temperature and moisture fluctuations, as well as excellent durability and wear-resistance.

Silk Oil and Hardwax Oil finishes are used together with wire-brushing technology. UV-cured Silk Oil finish has a thicker surface film, which creates a visual effect of “semi-closed” pores, and accentuates natural wood texture. Although Silk Oil is similar to wax finish in appearance, the resulting flooring surface preserves all of the visual characteristics and warmth of natural wood, but benefits from increased wear-resistance.

Hardwax Oil consists of 2 coats of wax oil that is composed mainly of natural ingredients. Wooden fibres are “soaked” in wax oil, thus protecting them from dirt, dust, moisture etc. Hardwax Oil forms a very thin, elastic protective film over plank surface, which means that Hardwax Oil floors are water-repellant as far as water resistance can be achieved. Surfaces with a natural wax finish are able to absorb and give off moisture in the air and thus have a regulatory function.
Coswick Engineered Hardwood Flooring in their Thermowood Collection
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