Vancouver floor Leveling Made Easy! 

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 Floor leveling Is Crucial for a Solid Installation. Please note in order to maintain both your installation guarantee, along with your flooring manufacturer warranty, you must be sure to adhere to the guidelines SPECIFIED in the instruction manual of your specific flooring.    


patch leveling.

 when your flooring only requires to be SLIGHTLY corrected.  

for information on:

full wall to wall LEVELING. 

WHEN YOUR FLOORING REQUIRES extensive leveling due to consistent irregularity, press on the link above.







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 Self Leveling Compounds from $44.99 / 50 lb bag 

Floor Leveling in Vancouver 

We had to dedicate a page to the importance of 

A truly flat floor is crucial to the installation of properly installed flooring.

The most common problem with all kinds of hard surface flooring, are areas where the flooring sinks, squeaks, or bounces when  walking over them, due to floor leveling negligence. In most cases, this will never deteriorate the integrity of your flooring; however this is not always true.  Engineered flooring and laminate floors with compromised sub floors, have a tendency to separate from itself at the joints. Furthermore, this tends to be the cause of the gaping sometimes seen with laminate flooring at the joints.  

A properly leveled sub floor will yield flooring that feels nice and solid, and lasts longer!  Floor leveling is by far the most powerful reason laminate flooring has obtained a negative reputation as poor quality flooring, however real wood and engineered flooring are also prone to the same poor leveling circumstances if the floor leveling is not inspected and corrected if required.

Dealing with a wooden sub floor is much easier to work with than a concrete sub floor; however in both cases, the solution is adding leveling compound to low spots or if possible, grinding down high spots. When dealing with Nail down installations, cement compounds cannot be used because the fasteners holding down the flooring will cause the compound to crack.  When dealing leveling issues regarding nail down installation, a combination of plywood, construction paper, and an electric planer are crucial for proper results.

Always inspect your sub floor and act accordingly to make sure your floor leveling meets the installation requirements of your brand new flooring. 

Vancouver floor Leveling Made Easy!  



At CMO Floors we count with a Surface Laser that helps us make sure your floor is perfectly leveled. The Surface Laser shoots 2 laser beams that scan for high and low spots on your floor. The lines divide in areas that are not on the same level as everything else so your installer can mark them and fix then. 

A target plate helps the installer know if the imperfection is a high spot or a low spot. 

CMO Floors is always careful to bring you the best and most precise installation, so we get the latest technology and the most efficient tools in order to make sure you are getting a perfect installation. 

A perfectly leveled floor means no squeaky noises or bouncy areas, it will give your floor longer durability. You can trust in our experience and commitment to excellence. 

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