Floor muffler underlay 4866 Rupert St Vancouver

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FloorMuffler® Flooring Underlayment is a Premium Grade* highly engineered, cross-linked polypropylene foam. FloorMuffler® is the ideal choice for most laminate, engineered and solid hardwood flooring applications. FloorMuffler® can be used for floating and double glue down installations* in both residential and commercial applications.

The highest rated and most effective acoustic barrier on the market. Provides the most effective
through-the-floor and footfall noise reduction. (IIC 74/ STC 73)
Provides superior moisture protection. Exceeds industry standards by over 700% (.3 lbs/1000
ft²/24 hours)
Proprietary Advanced Cell TechnologyTM. The most robust compression characteristics on the
market help to insure the integrity of tongues and grooves.
Light, strong and flexible, making it easy to handle and install in nearly all conditions.
Mold and mildew resistant.
Made in the USA.
Surpasses the Indoor Air Quality emissions requirement for California’s Section 01350-the most stringent volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions standard in North America.

      * For use only with FloorMuffler ® High Performance Adhesive System.