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Hardwood Floor Refinishing Sanding 

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Hardwood Floor Refinishing - The Hardwood floor sanding / wood floor refinishing / wood floor resurfacing - process EXPLAINED!

 Hardwood floor refinishing is the process of rejuvenating your real hardwood flooring. The concept of floor refinishing is relatively simple. The standard floor refinishing job usually goes something like this: 

1. We drum sand the entire surface of the hardwood flooring 3 times with different sanding grit until your floor is flat and smooth  

Sanding your entire hardwood floor virtually removes all per-existing scratches, dents, and stains... 

2. We impregnate the entire floor with wood filler compound to fill any cracks, holes, deep dents that did not sand out... 

3. We buff the floor to remove excess wood filler - This is yet another light sanding 

4. If a stain is desired to change the color of the hardwood floor, then this is when the entire floor will be stained - sometimes several coats are required to get the right color - every wood flooring species soaks in stain differently!... 

5. The hardwood floor is ready to be lacquered. 

Many different finishes are available: high gloss, semi gloss, matte, oil and water based.

It is industry standard to clear coat three times, however the floor requires a polishing sand prior to the application of the final clear coat.   

VOILÀ! You have a brand new customized hardwood floor. The refinishing process turns your old worn out flooring new again! 

Hardwood floor refinishing usually takes 3 or 4 days. Make an appointment to talk to our refinishing expert. We will be very happy to provide a refinishing consultation

- Hardwood Floor sanding and Refinishing made easy!! 
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We provide Hardwood floor refinishing, 99% dust free floor sanding, environmentally friendly wood floor finishes. Serving all areas of Vancouver and the lower mainland. Easy refinishing

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