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Indoor Air Quality Certification for Flooring

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FloorScore® is the most recognized indoor air quality (IAQ) certification standard for hard surface flooring materials, adhesives, and underlayments. Developed by SCS with the Resilient Floor Covering Institute (RFCI), a leading industry trade association of flooring manufacturers and suppliers, it qualifies for many green building schemes including LEED v4, WELL, BREEAM, and CHPS.

Exclusive Certification Body

The FloorScore program is administered by the RFCI, with SCS as the exclusive certification body. We partner with independent, ISO-17025 accredited labs worldwide for efficient, unbiased testing. By testing representative product samples and focusing strictly on the relevant chemicals of concern, we deliver the results you need without excessive testing.

Private Labels 

FloorScore® Private Label certification is available to customers of certified manufacturers to allow re-branding of SCS certified products under the customers’ company name. Customers will undergo a Private Label certification assessment to use the FloorScore brand and logo. 

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