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Welcome to our Hardwood Flooring REPAIR details page. This is our way of demonstrating our most frequently asked flooring installation and repair questions. Check out the picture demonstrations below for an example of how we carry out our flooring  – all of which are from our very own projects all over greater Burnaby, New Westminster, North Vancouver, Richmond, Vancouver, West Vancouver BC. Hardwood flooring is all that we do! We can assure you that our process is fast and efficient!
flooring installation in progress
Flooring installation Image above - Olin Cardenas - from 2008 
See the red stamp !!!

The Team that arrives when you shop at Big Name Retailers: Millennium Flooring, RONA, Floor Depot, Yaletown Floor... You CAN Trust us too! - and without the 35% mark up

 CMO Flooring Repair 

CMO provides Peace of Mind:

City Licensed - WCB Participant 

Liability - Insured - GST Registrant 

We won't leave any gaps in your floor Not Anywhere - not even in your closets!

Do you pay close attention to detail? We do.  We don't finish our baseboards by cutting them at 22.5 degrees from the wall, we return the cut angle into the wall, keeping the contour of the molding. 

Watch CMO Flooring Repair Video in Action !

flooring installation equipment

Automatic Installation Dust Collection system

We make every effort to keep your home clean during your flooring installation.  We cover sensitive areas with plastic, and all of our power tools are equipped with an automatic dust collection system to keep the dust to a minimum.

flooring installation glue edges 4866 Rupert St Vancouver

 Many of your probably know someone who has a laminate floor that has separated at the joint. 

This is not always due to installer error, this is because of rapid changes in humidity and temperature... 

We believe to be the only flooring installers in all Vancouver to glue together laminate joints, similar to engineered flooring installation, to help prevent this separation... 
flooring installation transitions 4866 Rupert St Vancouver

Clean Beautiful Solid hardwood floor transitions!

We do not only use transition to cover up gaps when dealing with Real Solid Hardwood Flooring.  We can custom make transitions from the actual Flooring planks themselves!


 They may be old fashion, however in some instances only this apparatus will ensure tight joints.  

Do you have a leveling problem.... 


Sometimes leveling is hard to understand, we dedicated an entire page to the importance of Floor Leveling

For more information on leveling click here:


Custom Inlay

A Custom Flooring inlay easily makes a dramatic statement in any home!  

 Rest assured miters will be tight, and wood Floor border will be even with Tile work. 

flooring installation complete 4866 Rupert St Vancouver

We have  heard complaints about laundry machines causing water damage from small leaks. Solution: We recommend not laying  

floor in this section to keep the area at a lower elevation, and sealing the transition with silicone to prevent water 

reaching underneath the floor... This is a wise water damage preventative measure, in case of a water leak. 

Expert Flooring Installation and Repair  Made easy!

When we determine necessary, we glue 3/4 nail down flooring planks to the sub floor, or to themselves, or both. 

This is apart from nailing it down. This FLOOR will never squeak, and will never come apart.  

Picture demonstrated is Bolivian Rosewood installed in Vancouver, BC.

flooring installation staining 4866 Rupert St Vancouver

This NOSING and TRANSITION beautifully demonstrated our staining application. The top piece of wood is a maple reducer. The middle piece is a stair nosing. The bottom is a flooring plank from the actual floor we are installing - this is the color we were trying to match in this case. These accessories are purchased in either NATURAL: Oak, Maple, or Beech wood species. We then have to STAIN them to match the color of the floor, and add 3 coats of polyurethane - for a tough shiny finish. We clear coat our transitions 3 times with oil base urethane for a tough, shiny finish...  It takes us just a little bit longer, but it remains forever nicer!

Photo demonstrated is of Dark Walnut engineered maple flooring, installed in Vancouver, BC.

Expert Flooring Repair!

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carpet installation 4866 Rupert St Vancouver
carpet stairs installation 4866 Rupert St Vancouver

Perfect carpet seams and stairs!CMO flooring vancouver engineered vinyl laminate professional installation leveling carpet

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