Kährs Activity Floor is 30 mm thick - including an extra fourth layer. Consisting of several layers of polyethylene and polyether, this extra layer offers the correct energy absorption qualities necessary for sports flooring.

Kährs Activity Floor is a wood floor specially designed for sports. A result of long-term research, it combines excellent energy-absorbing qualities with durability and good looks. Kährs Activity Floor creates an optimal surface for all types of sports and the patented construction promotes fast, simple installation. Number of layers: 4 Thickness: 1.18" Core material: Pine/Spruce lamella Joint: Woodloc® 5S Installation: To be installed floating on a level, solid surface such as concrete, particleboard or wood. Can be sanded: 2-3 times

Kahrs Collection Hardwood Flooring in their Activity Collection


Vigorous, opulent species such as American Walnut and Cherry, the Canadian Maple and dominant Red Oak, the collection covers many interior styles. As varied as the continent: from Alaska to Florida, from California to Newfoundland.


The ultimate artistic wood floors, based on the unique character of Oak, in combination with highly skilled craftsmanship. The floors have a contemporary look, combined with old-fashioned charm. The colour range spans from palest white to almost black.

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