Kährs Original is constructed using our patented parquet technology and consists of three separate layers with a total thickness of 15 mm. The surface layer is 3.5 mm thick, allowing each Kährs Original floor to be sanded up to three times. Kährs Original is suitable for a wide range of settings, from homes and offices, to retail spaces.


The cool and glamorous Habitat Collection includes five new stunning oak and walnut floors, made from big 1-strip planks. The surfaces of the Habitat floors have been treated in a number of ways – matt lacquered or oiled, micro-bevelled, smoked and brushed – to create a distinct and unique look.

Harmony - the comfort of home, with its warm, nurturing atmosphere. A place to retreat, awash with mellow tones that calm the body and soul. The subtle, rich tones of Kährs Harmony Collection are designed to complement all interior styles and to create a sense of well-being.

Classic, yet modern, the Living Collection features a collection of 1-strip floors made from several wood species stained in different colours, ranging from white Oak Blanc to dark Oak Coal. The floors in the Living Collection are all lacquered, some in silk matt lacquer for a smooth finish, and some with matt lacquer for a softer look. Some also feature bevelled edges.

The warmth and luminosity of ash and beech wood floors pay tribute to Kährs’ Scandinavian roots.

Kahrs Hardwood Flooring in their Original Collections featuring Amerian Naturals, Artisan, European, EUROPEAN RENAISSANCE, Founders, Harmony, Scandinavian, and World.