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CUSTOMIZE Your Hardwood Flooring To Your SPECIFICATIONS:

We can arrange your floor to be locally milled and finished here in the lower mainland.  Red Oak, White Oak,  Eastern Hard Maple, Walnut, American Cherry


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Timeless Wood Floors
Solid hardwood flooring in Vancouver is a real luxury. These are the Hardwood floors we've known for ages, however more recently they have become increasingly rare and highly sought after. Hardwood floors today are indeed a luxury, and offer a timeless elegance, and charm to a room that no other floor can quite seem to pull off. Solid hardwood flooring should strictly be installed using the nail-down method. We did not include the traditional oak and maple hardwood's in our collection because Vancouver loves the exotic species. Our collection is limited but on the previous page you will find links to all the solid hardwood floor manufacturers. Monet, linked below, is a very interesting place that is worth considering. They custom create any kind of hardwood floor you may fancy custom for you. You choose the hardwood species, you choose the stain, you choose the finish, you choose the width, and you choose the format whether engineered or solid hardwood...
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Every flooring manufacturer has been listed under each floor category. These represent virtually all the distributors in Vancouver! Here you will find virtually every product available (though some product may be regional). Feel free to take a look at everything that is out there
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