The Traditional (smooth) Collection has been developed to offer a wide plank floor with clean lines and minimal texture. These floors work well in Contemporary and Traditional settings.

Structure is 2mm sliced lamella over 6 ply – mixed birch/eucalyptus plywood core.

This structure creates a maximum stability for plywood core products and allows for glue down radiant heat warranty.

Residential Warranty: 25 Year Finish, Lifetime Structure.

Radiant Heat Approved – Floating, Nail down, or GLUE DOWN installation.

As hardwood wear layers increase in thickness, so does their strength and they become less stable in fluctuating humidity. A 2mm hardwood wear layer maximizes stability without sacrificing beauty and structure. Our 2mm hardwood wear layer uses almost 10 times less hardwood than ¾” solid products, yet has the same look and wear resistance. This is the most environmentally sound use of the slow growing hardwood resources. We use a better grade of hardwood lumber for our wear layers than ¾” solid manufacturers use for their solid hardwood.

Light Wire brushed 7 inch wide
Smooth 7 inch wide
Timeless Engineered Hardwood Flooring in their Italia Collection
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Vancouver, British Columbia V5R 5A5