Vanwood Laminate Flooring

Heritage Collection

Quality Laminate Flooring

The Heritage Collection has been crafted with the rich history of Canada in mind. From the far north to the southern beaches, all of Canada is represented in this collection. The texture matches the rustic look of the wood, giving any room the modern appearance of reclaimed wood.

Vanwood Classic Collection

Quality Laminate Flooring

The Vanwood Classic collection has been developed with both style and budget to meet builder and renovator demand. The nine elegant wood colors and silk texture finish make any space seem timeless. For a look that’s classy yet stylish, choose the Vanwood Classic Collection.

The Casablanca Collection has a unique surface texture ?registered embossed? that mimics the surface textures and characteristics of real wood. The natural wood can be felt from the moment you step on it. Casablanca laminate flooring Collection accentuates the design by reflecting the light off the surface to make the micro-grout lines and precise detailing which mimics real hardwood. The Casablanca Collections wide 7.5″ planks to match contemporary interior design—combining adding the beauty of nature and the exceptional performance characteristics of premium laminate flooring.

Casablanca Collection

Quality Laminate Flooring

Canadian Collection

Quality Laminate flooring

Canadian Collection is a new series of our laminate flooring family. It is a premium registered embossed laminate flooring, AC4 and water resistant with waxed edges.