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My name is Olin Cardenas. Spanish heritage, born in Mexico City, brought up in Beautiful Vancouver - And very happy to be here!
Its been 17 years now and I'm still in the flooring business! Since I was 19, see the pictures above. This is how my story began...
In 2005 I attended BCIT for general carpentry. Upon completion I started as a carpenters helper. Soon after, and with a baby on the way, I worked for Pro-Cut Hardwood floors, and this is where my real training in flooring began... most of our work was insurance related, and that kept me very busy everyday.
Of course I soon realized that if i worked independently, I could earn more money and still charge less then any contractor - so everyone wins...
Almost 10 years later, and I am still doing flooring. Just flooring - and with a little more help and a lot more experience... I really enjoy what I do - and this is the secret of my success... We do not have the headache of incorporating and further complicating our work with plumbing, electrical, drywall and paint. This means that not only do we make it virtually impossible for a renovation disaster - but we naturally become really good at what we do!
When you buy installation from a big corporation, you are really paying for a sub-contractor, like how I started, who is getting paid by a large flooring company, who is getting paid by big corporation. Everyone along the way gets a portion of your money.
Money has already passed through two companies before the actual installer... So when you go through an independent contractor, not only are you supporting Canadian local economy, but you really do save money! As a small business, to stay competitive in the market, I am forced to provide outstanding craftsmanship while charging less. That is true because 30% of my business is through referrals - small business cannot survive without that.
Our showroom is in Richmond. It is very much worth your while to have a look. I am more than happy to bring samples to your door, however I can only bring a fraction of our popular products with me. Whether you know exactly what you are looking for, or have no idea, you won't regret the visit. We can schedule an appointment after hours to beat rush hour traffic or on weekends.
... Perhaps most important of all, you will be dealing in person with the me, the person responsible for your floor, and not customer service.
Please inform your self before you spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on your flooring materials. I suggest you visit our flooring guide and inform your self.
Call me and I will be glad to talk to you about your flooring options.





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