Wood Flooring Species: Embracing Canadian and Global Choices

January 10, 2018by admi0

When it comes to interior design, wood flooring stands out as a timeless choice, adding warmth and charm to any space. With Canada’s vast forestry resources, we have access to a variety of beautiful domestic woods. Yet, the appeal of imported woods also resonates with many Canadian homeowners. Let’s explore the vast spectrum of wood species, both homegrown and from around the world, that grace our floors.

Canada’s Native Beauties: A Closer Look at Domestic Woods

1. Maple

A staple in Canadian homes, Maple offers durability alongside its subtle grain patterns. Its hues, ranging from light tan to medium brown, can effortlessly complement various interiors.

2. Oak

A revered choice for wood flooring, both Red Oak and White Oak have their unique allure. While Red Oak boasts warmer undertones, White Oak’s color spectrum is more diverse, showcasing hints from beige to medium brown.

3. Birch

For a softer aesthetic, Birch stands out. With its light, pale tones contrasted by occasional darker streaks, it brings a serene ambiance to rooms.

4. Black Walnut

A touch of luxury is encapsulated in Black Walnut. With its rich, dark colors, it can make any room feel sophisticated and grand.

5. Hickory (Pecan & True)

Both varieties of Hickory are revered for their hardiness. While Pecan Hickory flaunts a more refined grain, True Hickory boasts a bold texture, suitable for making strong design statements.

6. Maple (Hard & Soft)

Hard Maple and Soft Maple differ in density, but both present a range of colors from light tan to medium brown. Their versatility makes them staple choices for many Canadian homes.

A Global Affair: Imported Woods for the Canadian Home Floor

1. Brazilian Cherry (Jatoba)

Sought after for its robustness and striking reddish-brown tones, Brazilian Cherry is undeniably captivating and adds an exotic flair to homes.

2. Teak

Imported from Southeast Asia, Teak is revered not just for its beauty but also its resistance to moisture and pests, thanks to its natural oils.

3. Bamboo

While not wood in the traditional sense, Bamboo hails from Asia and is loved for its sustainability and hardness. It adds a modern touch to interiors with its unique grain patterns.

In Conclusion: Celebrating Diversity Underfoot

The world of wood flooring is rich and varied. Whether you’re swaying towards the familiar grains of Canadian woods or the exotic allure of imported species, there’s a perfect match for every taste. With a medley of options, homeowners can ensure their spaces reflect their unique personalities and preferences.

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